Whatsapp lock apk for android mobiles free download

http://pialadunia.es/?espikoleto=conocer-hombres-inglaterra&a77=78 This is a useful tutorial for android mobile and whatsapp users. Here am going to guide you in downloading Tadalafil Oral Strip whatsapp lock apk for android for free. Everybody knows the popularity of chatting app “whatsapp”. This whatsapp app is mainly used to send messages and receive messages without any price, if we have internet connection. But the main disadvantage of this chatting app is, it does not have any security lock for our messages. That means we cannot hide forex binary options strategies whatsapp messages. There is inbuilt whatsapp security lock. So very easily our messages can be seen by everyone.

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Now you can get a doubt that how to set password for whatsapp messages. As we know that for every problem there exists a solution. So for protecting the whatsapp messages I have found a best app that works fine for hiding whatsapp messages.


go to link Advantages of downloading whatsapp lock apk for android mobiles:

  • We can lock chatting apps like line, gmail, facebook , viber, whatspp and many more with a four digit PIN code number
  • We can also lock our personal pictures and videos whaich are in our mobile gallery
  • Without our permission no other can uninstall this app form our mobile.

Whatsapp lock apk for android

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Procedure to download whatsapp lock apk for android mobiles:

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  • Install this whatsapp lock in your mobile.
  • Open it then it will ask you to set a password of four digit number.

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  • Then type a four digit number which you can remember very easily.
  • After this once again type 4 digit PIN and confirm it.
  • Now it will take you to home screen of chatlock.

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  • You can see a list of apps in home screen.
  • Select the apps which you want to lock and tap “on” button.
  • Now close chatlock app and open any one app which you locked previously.
  • It directly won’t open; it will ask you to enter the PIN.
  • If you enter the correct pin only it will open.
  • Otherwise if enter wrong pin the chatlock app will automatically takes a picture of a person who entered wrong pin.
  • After entering the correct pin now you can see the pictures of those persons who tried to unlock your apps.
  • This was the one most advanced feature which was attracted me more when compare to others.
  • You can also protect in unisatlling this app by others.
  • For this you have to set a pin.
  • Go to the setting (tap right corner gaer button).

Whatsapp lock apk for android mobiles

  • Tap on security questions.
  • Then it will show you some questions.
  • Select any one question and give the answer for that.
  • Now select “prevent uniinstallation”, “protect setting” and “protect uninstall from Google”.

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Finally the conclusion is this is the best follow url whatsapp lock app. So without thinking you can download this enter whatsapp lock apk for android mobiles. By this you can protect your whatsapp messages with a 4 digit number. In future I will give some more whatsapp messages lock apps.

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