Hot water, an essential term almost for every family and house. Whether taking a bath in the cold of winter or washing your clothes in better ways, hot water is useful in several important tasks in our daily life. Water heaters are blessings for everyone. The old methods of heating water take too much time and effort also and in the end, you don’t even get good enough results sometimes. So, undoubtedly water heaters are useful for our daily life. Especially these kinds of water heaters are beneficial for the apartments and community residential plots where a number of families live together.

Why tankless water heaters are better than regular ones

Tankless water heaters are the improvised versions of the previous water heaters. The old regular water heaters used to have tanks to load water. People had to fill the tanks manually and then heat the water. Basically, in the case of those water heaters, people had to supply energy on a 24×7 basis to heat the water. Moreover, the usual tanks don’t work properly after 8-10 years of usage. The tankless heaters have no hassles of tanks or pouring water into the tanks. Usually, the tankless water heaters cost some more money than the regular ones, but these heaters are worth the extra expenses. A tankless water heater saves your efforts of pouring water into the tank. A tankless heater saves up to 50% energy, and that saves a particular amount of money in your electricity bills. In addition to the benefits, there is no chance of leakage as there is no tank.

How a tankless water heaters works

  • First, you have to turn on the hot water tap option.
  • There is a glowing sensor inside the tankless heater. That sensor makes the detection if the water is coming inside or not. Once the sensor detects the incoming water, it sends an immediate signal to the control panel, and the control panel starts producing hot water.
  • The control panel turns on a special kind of fan that allows external air to come inside. The control panel also opens a gas valve inside that ignites the special burner, which is inside.
  • There is a heat exchanger inside the machine. This heat exchanger consumes the heat from the flames and transfers into the water that is passing through the exchanger tubing.
  • There is a temperature sensor that checks the heat limit of passing water and moderates the temperature of the water according to control panel settings.

The minimum price of a tankless water heater is around 7000 rupees, while the maximum price can go up to 80000 rupees. You will get the free installation during the time of purchase, but for further servicing, you need to pay a sum. A tankless water heater can last around 15-20 years. You need to spend a little amount of money every five years for the maintenance of the water heater.

So, it’s evident that a tankless water heater is beneficial from almost every side. Get a tankless water heater for your house or apartment and get the finest benefits of it.