Steps to remove number from truecaller

Learn how to remove number from truecaller. If you want to unlist your mobile number from truecaller, then this is a best guide. Now a day’s every Smartphone contains this truecaller app. Truecaller became one of the most essential app in mobile phones.

remove number from truecaller

We know that true caller is an app by which we can know the names of unknown numbers. It is one the most popular app in identifying the details of unknown mobile numbers. Before the introduction of this app, we are unable to guess the unknown numbers. If we recive any call from unknown number, we used to hesitate to lift the call. But know the situation changed. If truecaller installed in your mobile then while receiving call it automatically shows the name of the person. Not only name we can also get other details.

Don’t want to show your number in truecaller then follow the steps to remove number from truecaller:

Open truecaller in your Smartphone.

Now go to settings.

In settings go to about section.

Select deactivate account then it takes to the number verification.

Now it will ask you to enter the OTP that was sent to your mobile.

remove number from truecaller

Once you enter OTP then it confirms the deactivation of account.

Steps to remove number from truecaller through official website:

Visit truecaller.

Now enter your mobile number with country code.

remove number from truecaller

Then verify captcha.

Click on “unlist phone number”.

You have removed your phone number from trucaller.


             If you want to delete from truecaller official website. First you have to deactivate your account in your mobile.  Truecaller takes almost one day to update it. So be patience and check the number whether it is deleted or not after 24 hours. If you have any quires about this please let me know about it. Hope this post will help in someway.