Dog crates are useful for several purposes. For a naughty dog that cannot be left unsupervised when the family members are not at home, a dog crate is a safe and secure place that will prevent it from getting into trouble. Dog crates are also used as retreats for dogs in homes, which they can treat as their own private space. Sick and injured dogs can also be kept in dog crates to enable them to rest properly. Furthermore, dog crates can also be used to carry dogs during travels in cars, trains, or aircraft.

Prior to choosing a dog crate for your pet, it is important to know about various types of dog crates, including their merits and demerits.

Plastic dog crate

Plastic dog crates are made of thick plastic and have carrying handles on the top. They are highly portable, which makes them suitable to be carried on travel in planes and cars. Plastic dog crates are also cozy. The top half is detachable, which makes it easy to store.

Air circulation is not much in plastic dog crates, hence the dog may get hot. The plastic can be chewed by a mischievous dog. The plastic absorbs the odor of the dog, which requires a lot of cleaning efforts to remove. Plastic dog crates are also not easy to clean.

Soft-sided dog crate.

Soft-sided dog crates are made of canvas or nylon. They are very light in weight and are highly portable. They are ideal for travel and can also be taken carried on camping trips and picnics since they can be transported easily. They can be folded, which makes storage easy.

Soft-sided dog crates are suitable only for small dogs. But even the small-sized dogs which are destructive cannot be kept in soft-sided dog crates. This is because such a dog will chew and scratch the soft walls and get out eventually. Cleaning the crate is also not easy because the material is fabric. Overall, soft-sided dog crates are appropriate only for small-sized trained dogs having a calm nature.

Wire dog crate

Wire dog crates have adequate air circulation, which is especially beneficial for dogs living in warm places and for dogs having thick coats. Wire dog crate also enables the dog to have a clear view of the surroundings. The floor is removable for easy cleaning. Wire dog crates having removable panels are also available. Removable panels increase the space in the crate gradually as the dog grows in size. Another beneficial feature of wire dog crates is that they are collapsible for easy storage and transport.

Wire dog crates are heavier as compared to other kinds of dog crates. Large-sized wire dog crates are also difficult to move. The cross points of the wires tend to harbor dog fur and dirt, which becomes difficult to remove. Since wire dog crates are made of metal, there is no escape from rust. Wire dog crate also tends to make a noise when the dog moves in it. you love to check the best wooden dog crate