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http://captainaugust.com/?koooas=opzioni-digitali-rottura-del-minimo&25f=89 Learn details about Onpage SEO techniques for your blog or website. This will help in ranking your blog or website in top pages of Google search engine.Any website or blog should follow search engine optimization (SEO). This is for better visibility in Google search engine. So SEO plays very important role in ranking websites. In SEO there are so many tips and tricks. In these the main and important is Onpage SEO techniques.


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frauen treffen regensburg For example, if you are writing a post on “important apps for video calling”. Here choose any one keyword that is nothing but focus keyword. For that keyword your website will be shown on Google search engine. Here am considering “video calling “as the focus keyword. Now let’s see that focus keyword should appear in various parts of your post. This will help the Google to analyze your post related to which topic.

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http://ajm-web-designs.co.uk/portfolio Important points for Onpage SEO techniques : 

Title of the post While writing any post make sure that your post title contains focus keyword. This is very important because Google will see the title of the page before giving results to their users on a particular topic or keyword.
URL of the post Focus keyword should be in the URL also. So Try to include.
First paragraph of the post First paragraph in the post should contain focus keyword.
Images of the post Make sure that focus keyword should be in image ALT tags.
Sub headings If it is possible try to keep your focus keyword in sub headings. Here heading (H1) will be your title of the post. After that in the post if you write any heading that will become (H2) and so on.
Middle and ending Try to write the post such that your focus keyword should be in middle and ending of your post.
Meta description For any post meta description is very important. Write it in one or two sentences and it should contain the focus keyword.
Meta tags Write some keywords related to your post.

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http://inter-actions.fr/bilobrusuy/2312 hope this article on Onpage SEO techniques helps you to get good rank in Google search engine.

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