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Latest whatsapp decision on Blackberry and Nokia

Know the details of latest whatsapp decision on smart phones especially Blackberry and Nokia.When we talk about whatsapp journey. Whatsapp commenced its adventure in 2009. It started out by means of giving the offerings of text messages at beginning. Before this there are so many apps which are being occupied the internet. But what is the difference between those apps and whatsapp.

latest whatsapp

When it started in 2009 it became the best alternative for SMS. This is the first app in which for creating account mobile number should be linked. Before whatsapp people used to chat through SMS. But through SMS they used to send only text messages. When whatsapp came into existence in which services like images, videos, files, voice are introduced. More thought that it is the best alternative to SMS with good features. At the time of whatsapp introduction there are only two main smart phones. They are Blackberry and Nokia. These are having and walking with their own operating system. Without a doubt there are two main smart phones in which whatsapp is introduced at first. When whatsapp is at some peak stage facebook had bought the whatsapp by paying some billions.

latest whatsapp

Is latest whatsapp selection on clever phones is good?

Now due to a few protection issues whatsapp offerings are going to forestall on Blackberry and Nokia clever telephones. Don’t assume that it is forestall offerings on all Blackberry and Nokia telephones. In some old model phones it is stopping.

latest whatsapp

The effected smart phones are Blackberry 10, Nokia S40 and Symsian S60, Android 2.1 and 2.2 and windows 7.1 phones. According to whatsapp for giving better protection to their users they are going to stop services on these phones before the ending of this year 2016. So now it is time to alternate your smart Smartphone in case you are the use of any of the above telephones. One crucial factor in whatspp is they don’t allow advertisements. For this we ought to respect them.

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