Metal substances are not easy to cut, and there are not many effective ways to do so. Generally, for industrial and other uses, plasma cutters do the job easily. Plasma cutters are special kinds of machines that produce an accelerated jet of hot plasma. The jet of plasma cuts the piece of metal quite efficiently.

Machines like plasma cutters cut several types of metals like aluminium, iron, steel, stainless steel, etc. You can use a plasma cutter for multiple purposes. It can be an artwork or half-manufactured metal project; a plasma cutter will help you out.

You should know that a plasma cutter has more than one benefit and many disadvantages as well.

Advantages of a plasma cutter

  • You can cut any electrically conductive materials with a plasma cutter.
  • Thickness doesn’t matter at all. You will be able to cut a piece of metal of medium to large thickness with a plasma cutter.
  • Speedy cutting is another advantage of a plasma cutter. You can cut a piece of metal very quickly with this machine.
  • An automatic plasma cutter determines the speed of the plasma jet itself. The machine determines the speed according to the thickness and depth of the metal.
  • Underwater plasma cutting is possible with such a machine. The machine produces lower heat exposure and low noise level underwater.

Disadvantages of a plasma cutter

  • The plasma cutters have limitations of cutting. You can cut metals with thicknesses up to 160 mm. The machine doesn’t allow you to cut metals with thicknesses more than the limit.
  • The machine consumes noticeably high power and can cause an increase in your electricity bill.
  • The machines are costly, and this process will cost you a lot more than the oxyacetylene cutting process.
  • The maintenance charges and the charges for repairing the machine are much higher than other ways of cutting.

There are many types of plasma cutters. All these types of machines have their specifications and benefits.

The different types of plasma cutters

Mainly, there are two types of plasma cutters available in the market.

Manual plasma cutters

These are the plasma cutters that require manual control. These machines are not for heavy workloads. Thin metal cutting, metal processing, minor construction works, welding, and other minor cutting tasks can be done with these machines. These kinds of plasma cutters are not that efficient in performing high-intensity cutting. Safety measures are also not much developed in the manual plasma cutters.

Mechanized plasma cutters

These are the cutters that are larger in size than the manual ones. These kinds of cutters are automated and don’t require manual controls. A mechanized cutter is quite hard to use, and the using technique is more complex. These top rated plasma cutters can perform heavy cutting tasks. The large factories and manufacturers use these machines for cutting tasks.

A plasma cutter can reduce your workload by making the metal cutting easy. If you need to cut metals frequently or regularly, get a plasma cutter. This can help you to do your task easily and in a better way.