Cats nap for 16-20 hrs every day. To avoid the cat from napping all day long on a couch or bed or additional furniture, it becomes essential to get a cat bed. To select a bed for your cat, one has to consider the size, material, and bed style for it to enjoy. You can also consider some other features added to the basic ones. Perches or heated beds are some options.

Some features to look for when choosing a Cat Bed

  • Pick the right bed material-Purchase a cat bed that is made from eco-friendly fabrics like wool, cotton, or feathers. These natural fabrics shall offer comfort to your cat. Also, they will not cause any allergy to your cat.
  • Consider cat beds that are washable-Cat beds usually covered in fleas, fur, and bacteria. This is because of which you may want to buy a washable bed. Select a bed with washable/removable cover or entire bed that can be washed timely.
  • Avoid beads, and tassels-Certain cat beds are ornamented with beads or tassels to make it appear beautiful, but it could be harmful to your cat. Swallowing beads or loose fabric can be hazardous to your cat. Stick to a uniform bed with removable parts. Instead, pick a color and pattern to add in style to the bed, suiting the home decor.
  • Select the size– Take the measurements of your cat to get a bed size that fits the cat comfortably and not cramped. Add a few inches to the head to tail base measurements of your cat.
  • Cup-style cat beds-These are ideal for cats that enjoy sleeping by curling. These beds have sidewalls for additional comfort and in a circular shape.
  • Cave-style cat beds-These is ideal for cats who hide below table and chairs. These cat beds will offer certain coverage to a cat in a den-like framework.
  • Bed height-Depending on the cat’s mobility, the height of the bed can be chosen for its comfort. A high sided bed is best for comfort for a normal cat.
  • Affordability-Set a limit to your budget while shopping, and there are several models and styles of cat beds available.

Additional features

  • Add a cat tree that has a perch– Consider scratching posts like a cat tree along with a sleeping perch. Resting on a perch that is higher can offer a terrific view of the environment. It will add a fun element along with some much-needed exercise for your cat. These are ideal for active and young cats. Take the weight of the cat and consider the perch that gives good cat support.
  • Heated cat beds– A heating unit that suits a bed for your cat is ideal, particularly when you are in cold weather conditions, have arthritis and joint pain.

Once selected, the positioning of the cat bed should be in a location where it enjoys sleeping. This is to avoid the cat from lounging the whole day on your regular furniture and bed. A sunny spot is also good as cats love the warmth and natural sunshine.