The College Board creates advanced Placement or AP exams. These are tests that are conducted at the college level on particular subjects set according to the AP curriculum. This applies to students from high school in the USA as well as Canada. They offer They are generally conducted during a 2-week time in May. It can be taken after AP course completion. The exam is put out by the College Board, who also puts out the SAT.

Importance and scoring in an AP exam

American Universities and colleges shall offer a course or a placement credit who get high scores in these exams. A high score shall offer college credit to the student, which implies a low tuition bill at college in total. This is a good option for a college student to minimize the fee burden. On a scale from 1-5, AP exams are scored. Generally, a college doesn’t consider getting credit unless the score is over or equal to 4. The credit is 5 for a very well qualified to 1 for no or zero recommendation. The AP score, however, does not impact the GPA of your high school or in getting admitted into a particular college. The only thing it impacts is college credit. Even in such a case, some colleges accept an AP score of 4 or 5 or not accept it at all.

Need for a prep book

AP book gives practice material and exam model questions on various subjects such as Music Theory, Biology, European History, Art History, Calculus, Chemistry, Government and Politics, Computer Science, and so on that an AP exam covers. At present, there are more than 38 test choices in an AP exam and over 1000s of questions in each AP book. Of the 38 tests, each has its requirements.

Some of the things that are in common are:

  • The exam duration is 2-3 hours.
  • Multiple choices in the first part with no negative marking.
  • Free-response questions in the second part are a written solution or a long answer in an exam booklet.

Selecting a prep AP book

Do your research on various websites, reviews, and resources where there is the latest and updated information. One can find long threads on book suggestions that are judged by users who have made use of these materials for their tests. Reviews shall provide you the best and useful book on AP exams.

AP books are more than prep books as they also list other resources to websites as well. The college board also has plenty of resources with practice questions and exam descriptions on their site. It also gives you an overall knowledge about an AP exam and its related content.

An AP book lists out practice material that is created by experienced tutors. There are quizzes, practice exams, and other text lessons to make you ready for this exam with confidence. A right prep book that covers all the aspects of the exam and its practice shall guide you in getting the right AP score. Please choose the one that you can understand and comprehend with to get the best out of it.