Spin mops have simplified the backbreaking task of cleaning. The spin mop utilises centrifugal force to turn 90 to even 360 degrees to provide efficient cleaning of all nooks and crannies without much efforts from the user. The flexible handle also aids in easy cleaning operations. The mop wets and wrings dry without the need for the user to use his/her hand. The various models of Spin mop in India are manufactured by top brands and come with buckets systems. They are designed to clean all kinds of flooring such as concrete, tiles, vinyl, hardwood and stone.

There are some factors which must be considered when looking for a good quality Spin mop in India.

Size and type of mop head 

The size of the mop head should be large so that the absorbent area of the mop is high, which ensures cleaning of more surface area at a time. However, if the spin mop is used to be used only in a small kitchen or apartment, then a small mop head is suitable. As regards to the type, a spin mop head made of microfibers is the best choice. Microfiber mop head is highly absorbent, does not cause allergy, is machine washable and dries easily.

Pivoting head 

An essential feature of a spin mop head is a highly pivoting head. This is because the pivoting head of a spin mop allows it to adjust in corners and under furniture very easily. Thus, deep cleaning can be done in such areas without many efforts.

Telescopic handle 

The telescopic handle allows the user to adjust its size as per his/her height. Telescopic handle can also be extended to reach difficult areas such as under the bed and other furniture pieces. The height of the handle can also be adjusted to dust windows and ceiling fans.

Twin bucket 

The spin mop should come with a twin bucket. Twin bucket has two separate compartments. One compartment is to store the cleaning solution while the second compartment holds dirty water. Thus, there is no mixing of clean and dirty water because the spin mop is wetted in one compartment before cleaning and wrung dry in the other compartment.


The spin mop should be equipped with an agitator to remove dirt from the microfibers after cleaning is completed. The wet microfiber head presses the agitator which, in turn, wrings and rinses the mop head to expel dirty water. Thus, the mop is freed of dirt without the user needing to use his hands at all.


Spin mop head should come with a host of accessories. There should be 1 or more extra mop refills. A drainage outlet should be present on the bucket to remove dirty water.


The spin mop system should be durable enough to last long even with daily use. Thus, spin mop systems made of stainless steel or aluminium are better than the ones made of plastic.


The best spin mop should drastically cut down the time taken for cleaning while ensuring a highly clean environment. There are multiple options in the market, but the above mentioned factors will help in selecting the best.