Downloading free images without copyright violations

Learn how to download free images without copyright violations for your new blog or website and use it

We know that images for a new blog or for a new website, it is so essential and very very important that to have it. In online we can get number of images but don’t think that all the images are for free in that some are free and some are copyrighted. We cannot find which images are free and which are copyrighted online. We cannot use the copyrighted images for our blog or website as it is against rules due to that we are going to face some copyright problems in future so to avoid this we should use non copyrighted images means images which are free to use. If you are using Google Image Search for finding images you will get lots of images which are both copyrighted and free images. But it is difficult to differentiate between these images. There are lots of websites which are providing images for free in that the best one is flickr so you can download images for your website or a blog for free here. From Google also we can download free images, now I will tell you how to download non copyrighted images by using Google.

Steps for downloading free images

Go to the Google and to the right side down you can observe settings option click it and go to advanced search.


Then type name of the image your are searching for in all these words here as am searching for grapes so i typed grapes

Google Image Search

scroll down at last you can see license option in that you select one option preferably select free to use share or modify even commercially that means you can use these images without any copyright violation and now start searching

Google Free Images

Now see the results here

Google Free Images

Thanks for reading this hope this article will help you…