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Android battery saving tips

This is a guide in which am going to discuss about android battery saving tips. With this tips you can expect better battery life for your android mobiles. We know that non-android mobiles were used to give good battery life. In that Nokia is the best mobile which was used to give maximum of 3 days of battery life. After the android mobiles introduced in the market the first complaint was that it is giving less battery life. It is used to give maximum of one day. We cannot blame android mobiles for this reason. In fact after android mobiles introduced there are so many changes came around the world. There are so many reasons for giving the less battery life by the android mobiles. Here am going to discuss some tips on android battery savings.

Options that should be checked on android mobiles for best android battery saving tips:

  1. Brightness:

Android battery saving tips

Brightness is the one which consumes battery to some extent. So don’t keep full brightness in android mobiles. Reduce brightness to your comfort level.

  1. Internet:

Android battery saving tips

Internet using consumes more battery energy. In almost all the android mobiles this is the main reason for less battery life. So if you are spending more time surfing internet. Just reduce the usage of internet to minimum level. If it is necessary only use it. One more thing, after using internet you have to switch off mobile data. Otherwise if won’t use internet also it consumes some data which leads to battery and data decreasing.

  1. Wallpapers:

Android battery saving tips

Better to use default wallpapers provided by the company. In all the android mobiles there will be live wallpapers. So most of us show interest on setting live wallpapers to our mobiles. As it is more effective than normal wallpapers. But at the same time it consumes battery life also. So don’t use live wallpapers.

  1. Location:

Android battery saving tips

Make sure that location option is turned off. This also consumes energy. So always switch off it and in case if you want you can turn on for some time.

  1. Over charging:

Android battery saving tips

Please don’t over charge the battery. Some of us used the charge battery at night. We will keep for charging and forget to remove it after charging. As it is over charging which also leads to battery damage and battery life.

  1. Company battery and charger:

Android battery saving tips

Use only company battery and charger always otherwise it damages your mobile.

Hope these android battery saving tips will help you in gaining your battery life.

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